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On this page, I present my work. You can browse through my accomplishments and get a general idea of my projects. Detailed descriptions of the projects can be found on the "Projects" page.

Projects and collaborations

I have been involved in various cultural projects in Finland and Portugal. My partners have included cultural hub Armazém22, dance company Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, and the city of Vila Nova de Gaia. I have worked on:

  • graphic design (visual identities, book layouts, and illustrations, posters)
  • composed music
  • translated texts
  • documentation

You can find my CV here.

2021 | Performanssi, kirja • Missed-en-Abîme on Rogério Nuno Costan teos, joka sisältää performanssi-installaation (tarkoitettu esitettäväksi nykytaiteen museotilassa), Psicobiografia de um Herói Perderor -konseptikirjan ja lyhytelokuvan.

All projects

Erilaiset hankkeet ja yhteistyöt. Graafista suunnittelua, kuvitusta, valokuvausta, musiikin säveltämistä, kääntämistä ja muuta.


Movies, childhood, and otherness have been central themes in my artistic work. For example, Boys of Summer (2014) installation includes a montage of beautiful young men from 90s advertisements and music videos, a digitally altered panel from a Superman comic, and a (love) letter I wrote to another boy when I was five years old.

On my website, I feature four of my works, two bearing the same title, Boys of Summer, from 2014 and 2016, and the works Pervert Art (2015) and Pervert Art 2 (2016), which can be found on the art page, link below.

Taide - Jani Nummela
Art educator and an artist. Graphic design, music, languages and writing.

I have also explored these same themes in academic texts, such as in my master's thesis, Found in Translation (2021), from which I have written a condensed essay. You can find it in the TEXTS section.


Music and sounds.