2018-2020 • Dance performance | An apocalyptic party at the turn of the last millennium.

Photo: Jani Nummela

Rogério Nuno Costa's EURODANCE is a post-apocalyptic dance performance that tells the story of the background dancers of a famous band in the late 90s on the eve of Y2K. The world is coming to an end, but that's only a reason to celebrate!

On the performance stage, you can see energetic dancing to the rhythm of 2Unlimited, lipsyncing, and the thoughts of Slavoj Žižek.

EURODANCE was born in connection with the dance program Outros Formatos (2014). It is a choreographic study that followed the music performance/rave party €TRA$H (2013) and anticipated the interdisciplinary program €UROTRA$H curated by Rogério Nuno Costa for Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte in 2019.

The dance performance premiered at the Centro Cultural de Milheirós de Poiares (Santa Maria da Feira) and has since toured in the following places, among others: mala voadora (Porto), Armazém 22 (Vila Nova de Gaia), Teatro Sá da Bandeira (Santarém), Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon), Festival Contradança (Covilhã), Chão de Oliva (Sintra), Festival Contradança (Gouveia), Cine-Teatro António Lamoso (Santa Maria da Feira).

I worked as a stage assistant and photographer for the project in 2018-2020 on several different stages and cities. EURODANCE has been performed since 2014.

EURODANCE on Rogério Nuno Costa's website (in English):


Artistic director, choreography, texts, video Rogério Nuno Costa
Current dancers Diogo Santos, Júlio Cerdeira, Luís André Sá, Mariana Tengner Barros, Susana Otero
Co-director Joclécio Azevedo
Lighting design by Daniel Oliveira
Costumes Jordann Santos
Photography Miguel Refresco
Graphic design Diogo Mendes
Remix & cover Belamix feat. Too Limited™ (Mariana Tengner Barros & Rogério Nuno Costa)
Costume assistant Cristiana Fonseca
Previous dancers André Mendes, André Santos, Bruno Senune, Camila Neves, Dinis Machado, Flávio Leihan, Flávio Rodrigues, Luiz Antunes, Ricardo Pereira, Robalo, Sérgio Diogo Matias
Production Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte
Thanks Jani Nummela, Sonoscopia, Mala voadora, Armazém 22, Xana Novais, Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli, ESMAE, TeCA, Ana Carvalho, Pedro Barreiro