2019 • Contemporary dance | Two choreographies about the future of Europe


Cátia Pinheiro & José Nunes (Estrutura) and Mara Andrade directed two performances that address and re-write dystopian scenarios for the future of Europe, based on contributions from the fields of geopolitics, philosophy and European studies.

EUROSHIMA is the last segment included in the annual contemporary dance program €UROTRA$H curated by Rogério Nuno Costa for Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte.

EUROSHIMA premiered in Cineteatro António Lamoso, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, with further presentations in Chão de Oliva (Sintra) and mala voadora (Porto) in 2020.

For this project, I designed a visual identity, poster, 8-page program booklet and miscellaneous materials for the web and social media, as well as composed the music for the promotional video.


Curating Rogério Nuno Costa

Choreographies Cátia Pinheiro & José Nunes, Mara Andrade
Performers Catarina Campos, Joclécio Azevedo, Susana Otero, Thamiris Carvalho, Vinicius Massucato

Lighting and technical direction Daniel Oliveira
Costumes Jordann Santos
Stage photography Miguel Refresco
Design & Artwork Jani Nummela
Documentation & promotional video Rogério Nuno Costa

Production Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte
Support Imaginarius Centro de Criação
Thanks TUP - Teatro Universitário do Porto


Promotional video. Editing Rogério Nuno Costa, music Jani Nummela.

EUROSHIMA brochure
EUROSHIMA poster in Santa Maria da Feira

Photos from the performances