Lamento Imenso Helsinki

2023 • Performance | A multilingual performance about living as a stranger in a foreign city.

Lamento Imenso Helsinki
Lamento Imenso, 2023, Svenska Teatern. Photo: Quentin Wachter/New Theatre Helsinki

Lamento Imenso is a multilingual performance by Rogério Nuno Costa that takes inspiration from the cities where he lives, has lived, would like to live, or pretends to live. The performance is part of a larger retrospective, which includes a book, a series of experimental laboratories, and re-enactments.

This work-in-progress version of the performance was presented at the Svenska Teatern in Helsinki on February 28th and March 1st, as part of the New Theatre Helsinki Festival, with the theme Who Belongs to Helsinki?

The official premiere of Lamento Imenso will take place on July 22nd at the Citemor Festival, at the Teatro Académico Gil Vicente in Coimbra.

I translated texts into Finnish and worked as an assistant in the performances.

Photos from the premiere in Svenska Teatern on February 28th. Photos by Quentin Wachter.

Lamento Imenso Helsinki

Text, dramaturgy, and performance Rogério Nuno Costa
Assistance Jani Nummela
Collaborators Pedro Penim, Susana Mendes Silva, João Pedro Fonseca, João Pedro Costa

Stage photography Susana Paiva
Lighting design Tobias Lönnquist, Rogério Nuno Costa

Co-production and premiere Festival Citemor (Montemor-o-Velho).
Support Teatro Académico Gil Vicente (Coimbra), Teatro Praga (Lisbon), Galeria Municipal de Almada, Inestética Companhia Teatral, Câmara Municipal de Vila Franca de Xira, Circular Performing Arts Festival (Vila do Conde), Festival Paragem (Algarve), New Theatre Helsinki

Residencies Festival Citemor/Teatro Esther de Carvalho (August 2022), Artistas no Palácio/Sobralinho (November 2022), Espaço do Tempo (April 2023)