Re=Iniciar — Encontro de Artes Performativas

2022 • Encounter | Performing arts event in Santa Maria da Feira.

Re=Iniciar — Encontro de Artes Performativas

Produced and curated by Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, Encontro de Artes Performativas brings an eclectic group of dance, performance, and theater professionals, pedagogues, and thinkers to the city of Santa Maria da Feira. The event offers collegial cooperation and the opportunity for the local public to get to know different forms of culture. Various performances, presentations of works in progress, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, lectures, and residencies in different parts of the city create new forms of encounter between the public and contemporary art.

The program aims to combine artistic practices, research, pedagogy, and curation and invite the views of representatives of scientific, philosophical, and anthroposociological thinking. The concept goes back to 2020 when Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte launched the (Re=)Iniciação project, which aimed to face the financial difficulties of the art industry caused by the first wave of the pandemic. As a result of the search, a group of artists and researchers from different artistic areas were selected, who produced and presented performative works designed for the online platform.

For the Re=Iniciar — Encontro de Artes Performativas, I designed a visual look, program brochure, and online materials and participated in organizing the event.
Poster and flyer. Design: Jani Nummela
Program. Design: Jani Nummela

Photos from events

Re=Iniciar — Encontro de Artes Performativas

Production Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte and Filipa Duarte
Executive producer Álvaro Lancinha
Project management and curation Susana Otero

Documentation, texts, and communication Rogério Nuno Costa
Graphic design Jani Nummela

Writing scholarship Diogo Sottomayor

Publicist Alexandra Couto

Artists Alina Ruiz Folini, Andresa Soares, Carminda Soares, Catarina Real, Colectivo Suspeito, Daniel Pizamiglio, Filipa Duarte, Henrique Fernandes, Joclécio Azevedo, Jonny Kadaver, Jorge Gonçalves, Júlio Cerdeira, Maria R. Soares, Mariana Barros, Mariana Tengner Barros, Marina Leonardo, Miguel Pereira, Miguel Refresco, Nelson d'Aires, Pedro Augusto, Rogério Nuno Costa, Tiago Rosário, Valentina Parravicini, Vinicius Massucato​

Support INATEL Santa Maria da Feira, Imaginarius Centro de Criação, Cineteatro António Lamoso

Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte's activities are funded by the Portuguese government and the Secretary of State for Culture (Direção-Geral das Artes) and supported by the Santa Maria da Feira Municipal Council.