2023-2025 • Interdisciplinary project | Rogério Nuno Costa's retrospective macro project.


Retrospectiva is Rogério Nuno Costa's macro project, a more critical than celebratory look at the 20 years since the Vou A Tua Casa (2003) performance that launched the artist's career.

This retrospective project will last three years (2023-2025) and includes three separate stage performances under the subtitle Psicobiografia de um Herói Perdedor ("Psychobiography of a Losing Hero"). The trilogy is a metafictional and epistolary narrative that deals with the questions of intimacy, privacy, participation, memory, authorship, commitment, and everyday life that Vou A Tua Casa obsessively explored.

In addition, the project includes reenactments, experimental laboratories, discussions, and the publication of two books. The artist will also publish an interdisciplinary archive of texts and images from two decades.

As part of the project, Vou A Tua Casa was performed three times in Helsinki in the fall of 2023. In the Finnish version of the performance, named Tulen kotiisi, the artist visited the home of Katri Miettinen and Leroy Christian, a public place with Inês Montalvão, and organized a dinner performance in her Helsinki apartment for a group of friends.

I designed a preliminary visual look for the project. As the project progresses, I will work on more material.

The program's official start took place on July 21, 2023, in the context of the Citemor festival. The first part was performed on the Teatro Académico Gil Vicente stage in Coimbra in its entirety: Missed-en-Abîme — a stage version of the performance installation premiered in a museum context in 2021. The second part, Lamento Imenso, will premiere in 2024. In addition, the artist's book that gave the trilogy its name, Psicobiografia de um Herói Perdedor, will be available. The trilogy will end with the third part, Ulysses, in 2025.

Retrospectiva on Rogério Nuno Costa's website (in Portuguese):

Graphic design for Vou a Tua Casa
Design: Jani Nummela