Unfinished II

2019 • Summer school | Pedagogical project preparing for an artist's career

Unfinished II

Produced by Armazém 22 and curated by Rogério Nuno Costa, Unfinished II — A Academia Enquanto Performance ("academy as a performance") is a 12-day experimental platform for research and creation in the field of performing arts. People starting their careers in various creative areas, such as theater, dance, visual arts, or writing, can participate in the event. The selected participants get access to the incubator to develop their projects without the pressure of finalizing or public presentation. They benefit in many ways from the consulting, monitoring, and mentoring of art professionals.

Unfinished approaches artistic thinking and working specifically through performance research, dance philosophy and criticism, feminist, anti-racist, and post-colonial research, anthropology, curation, writing, and archival practices. The education focuses on practical research, new educational paradigms, and non-hierarchical and horizontal interdisciplinary thinking.

Unfinished II — A Academia Enquanto Performance was organized on 22.7. - 2 August 2019 at the Armazém 22 cultural hub in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia.

I designed the visual look, posters, and flyers for Unfinished, and I documented the event's lectures.

Unfinished II — A Academia Enquanto Performance

Project manager Ana Carvalho
Artistic director Rogério Nuno Costa
Design and photography Jani Nummela
Curated Rogério Nuno Costa
Tutors Ana Carvalho, Joclécio Azevedo and Rogério Nuno Costa

Seminars BUALA (Marta Lança and Ana Balona de Oliveira), Baldio (Ana Bigotte Vieira), AND LAB (Fernanda Eugenio)

Lecture performances Paula Caspão, João dos Santo Martins

Experimental laboratories Ana Rita Teodoro, Patrícia Portela

Feedback sessions Joclécio Azevedo and Rogério Nuno Costa

Observing research groups Grupo de investigation em Arte e Estudos Críticos, CEAA/Escola Superior Artística do Porto + Grupo de investigation em Estudos Performativos, CEHUM/Universidade do Minho

Alumni Adriana Neves, Catarina Carvalho, David Almeida, Diogo Sottomayor, Rita Silva

Other participants Mariana Amorim, Paula Moreno, Turid Gunnes, Vera Sofia Mota

Thanks Maria Rodrigues Dias, Cassilda Rodrigues

Production Armazém 22